from heavy metal to sunbirds-could it get more bizarre?

Hi everyone,

A brief introduction goes like this;

I am an artist, an interior decorator, a musician, a small business owner, a heavy metal lover turned into an eco warrior, with a passion for sunbirds. Mackay, in the heart of the Whitsunday’s in tropical north Queensland,is a paradise for wildlife and birdlife, and I have been lucky enough to have spent the majority of my life here, wallowing  in the sunshine.

Have i always loved birds? Never!

However, over the past few years i have been enthralled watching families of sunbirds as they built their pendulous precarious nests on pieces of rope we attach to our verandah soffit. When the last nest was attacked during the night, and i saved one of the chicks,my sunbird passion was born. The resilience . the commitment, the sense of family, and organisation and structure of life these birds have shown, has made me realise that, in nature, everywhere we look, there is a depth in the life cycle, which we just take for granted.

I have been able to follow the sunbird family, and watch and document their life, closely, for the past 4 months, and hopefully can add to the observations of these wonderful little creatures.

This is the story of Errol, Charlie and Enid.


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