From Black Cockatoos to Owls and Sunbirds

7 years ago, as our garden flourished, the birds started to call our address home.

The crows, owls and kookaburras started to pay us regular visits, perching high on the roof of our Bali style hut near the pool.

White Cockatoos, screeching like madmen, soared over our house in the early mornings, and Black Cockatoos found nesting grounds on fig leaved trees on the cliff leading to our beach. The little sunbirds were just about ready to discover their paradise.

The sight and sound of families of Kookaburras on the hut, on an eerie, misty winter morning in July, with the backdrop of the green hills of Habana, is a sight to behold. This is the time the owls get very daring, and a few times I have woken up to find one sitting on the handrail just outside our door. They are mysterious creatures with an almost confrontational attitude, and a very steady stare! For some reason, the sight of an owl staring back at you at close proximity leaves a feeling of impending doom, and low and behold, some nasty things have happened on the occasions that this confrontation has taken place. On his first visit, I discovered a lump in my breast, whist scratching my chest as we were staring at each other. The second time also preceded a hospital visit, and the third time a near miss in an accident occurred. I don’t look forward to his visit in winter. It is with trepidation that I scan the horizon to see if he is about, because I have not yet decided whether he is friend or foe.

It won’t be long.

I have taken photos of him, and will need to dig them up to identify him once and for all, now that I have officially evolved from Metalbabe to Metalbird the bird woman!

Dolphin Heads, Mackay

Dolphin Heads, Mackay

A flock of BLack Cockatoos

A flock of BLack Cockatoos

Resting Black Cockatoos

Resting Black Cockatoos


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